dirk + caliborn


For HSO br5; prompt here.

This wasn’t how the wedding was supposed to go. He wasn’t supposed to try and high-tail it across the country on a stolen fragment of his sister’s latent space powers before landing himself square ass broke in the middle of po-dunk nowhere with no way out. He wasn’t supposed to call you spitting every curse in the book and a handful he invented on the spot to tell you that if you didn’t come pick him up in the next hour he’d gut the entire staff of the roadside diner he was squatting behind. You shouldn’t have had to haggle him up to two hours, clutching your cell phone to your ear with your hands shaking, hissing into the mouthpiece as you tried to keep your voice calm, tried to find your fucking shoes and car keys in the dead dark of night. This was not how it was supposed to go, and he was almost gleeful to have messed up your flawless plans.

You hate him. You really wish you could run him through on your sword and be done with his damn mind games. But you can’t do that. Because Jane is marrying his sister tomorrow morning and it just so happens that they still share a body.

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Wow damn. That was really good.