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i think something that a lot of (male) writers don’t get is when people want “strong female characters” they don’t mean a super sassy lady who is 100% badass and in charge and like never messes up, ever

those type of female characters are fine though, i’m not complaining! but it’s important to remember that strong female character means a character who has a direct role in the story and is well developed who just so happens to be female!

like it’s okay for female characters to be flawed and gross and weird and wrong and multi-faceted, they’re still “strong” as long they have a meaning to the work they’re in and aren’t just there as love interests who have no agency beyond the guys in the story

people who want strong female characters don’t just want a super badass better-than-the-guys type of character, they want interesting female characters because seeing stories and morals being delivered all the time by dudes gets frustrating!


friendly reminder that freedom of speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of your speech (✿◠‿◠)

heads up to those who don’t know yet, but the most recent episode of gravity falls, “Fight Fighters” was just leaked and the gravity falls tag is swimming with spoilers so if you don’t like that stuff i’d avoid going in there

You can watch it here if you want (no download): http://vimeo.com/49067926

OCD jokes


Can I point something out? I mean I’m probably going to be accused of being a spoil-sport or something but it’s actually kinda important actually. People who make jokes about OCD people and say “I’m going to go to their house and mess everything up for them lol”, and even worse, people who actually do that, really shouldn’t. 

Can I just point out a few things here? I mean I can take a joke but it’s actually incredibly dangerous, and I know people who do it because it’s funny to wind them up  or whatever. But it’s actually not.

  1. OCD =/= tidiness. For OCD people it’s about the ritual not the tidyness, many OCD people are actually incredibly messy and disjointed because their condition interferes with their every day lives. This isn’t the case for all OCD people, but for some it’s nothing to do with being tidy. (And honey, being obsessed with tidiness and order doesn’t make you “so OCD”)
  2. But if an OCD person has a specific ritual and you interfere with it by moving something or stopping them from doing it, it can actually be incredibly detrimental. OCD people sometimes have phobias as a result of their rituals. If you get in the way of them, you may trigger them and they could be negatively effected. Not just “oh they’re a bit messed up for an hour or two”, but they might not be able to do anything for the rest of the day [in the case of my aunt], feed or go to the toilet [in the case of my friend] or even cease functioning entirely for a long period of time. Of course this is entirely dependent upon how adversely their OCD effects their lives.
  3. OCD people’s rituals are compulsive and if they don’t do them, they often have issues. Many OCD people associate rituals with keeping something bad at bay, and so if you actually go around moving things it really just fucking sucks and could put them in physical danger.
  4. Also it’s just a sucky thing to joke about so dont.

As a person with OCD, can I just say thank you for this post? <3 You got it really spot on.

To you lot posting in the Marble Hornets tag these days


Can you please stop tagging all your shit that has barely anything to do with Marble Hornets as “Marble Hornets”?!?!

  • “#GIF” and “#relatable” posts. That’s unneeded!
  • Posts that have only reaction pictures or something from MH. It doesn’t need to be tagged as Marble Hornets if the post is only using a reaction picture.
  • And when you post about the game Slender in the MH tag… There isn’t a point. They don’t have anything to do with each other besides that guy, “Slender Man”.
  • Slender Man DOES not need a hug nor is he “misunderstood.” You’ve seen what he’s made people do, if you’ve watched any Slenderseries.
  • Don’t make posts about Slender Man and post them as “TribeTwelve”, “everymanHYBRID”, “Marble Hornets”, “MLandersen0”, etc. etc. because it fills up the tag with stuff that isn’t relevant to MH or any other series.

I understand that there are some new fans now because of Slender and whatever
And I guess a few of you will be like, “WOW SHUT THE FUCK UP NATALIE, YOU’RE MAKING THE FANDOM LOOK BAD!” but I’m tired of seeing 10+ on the MH tag when the posts aren’t 100% relevant to Marble Hornets.

(PS: Writing fanfictions and tagging them is different, even if it is an AU.)

tl;dr: Stop filling the tag with posts that aren’t relevant to Marble Hornets!

I agree with all of this except the “GIF” one, because some people actually do blacklist #gif and #gif warning because they have epilepsy/vision problems and need to be warned of gifs? So that tag is pretty important. The other ones I’m with you on, especially the third one. If I wanted to talk about TribeTwelve, I’d go to the TribeTwelve tag.

shout out to all those in the gravity falls tag

a new episode just got leaked called “irrational treasure” so spoilers from users who have watched it might be coming soon! i would recommend blacklisting “spoilers” or “irrational treasure” if you would like to filter out most of them

as an added note, i believe it can be downloaded here (haven’t done it myself yet but i think it works?? similar files have been reliable in the past): http://www.mediafire.com/?p9qcrf0wb2jcbe1