okay but picture this: charles seeing the doomstar turn red







I regret writing this card, it was a mean, cheap joke. We took it out of the game a while ago.

thanks! I wish that more people in comedy realized they could just, uh, do this, and not throw a big fucking stink about it, and go on to make more jokes that are good instead of bad. It is strange that so many people seem to imagine that a simple and sincere apology is a difficult or terrible thing to give.

Cards Against Humanity is a group of people writing immensely offensive joke prompts and punchlines for a living, and if they’re collectively a better person than you are when it comes to being called out on offensive language and jokes, you should really reconsider your behavior.

This is encouraging.


Counting Stars ☆ Gravity Falls 

I DID IT… I finished the fan video! Some of the editing isn’t as clean as I’d hoped, but it still came out pretty swell overall. I’d recommend watching in HD and with headphones!


AAHHHH thank you guys for the 1000+ followers omg!! ;a;

here have all my love and some sappy cecilos doodles cries… listening to one year later again /cringes

The Surprising Benefits Night Vale Bad Hair Days


I was scrolling through the WTC tag and I saw THIS this post about people getting snakes (like Medusa style snakes) for some wicked bad hair days.  And well, I got inspired.  It’s my first time writing fiction of any kind for several months and it’s my first time writing WTNV, but I certainly hope you enjoy!


Carlos woke up one fine morning, the smell of sulfur and fresh bloodstone in air and the unearthly calls of the Night Vale wolf-crows.  He got out of bed and ambled to his bathroom, checking the sink first.  When it ran blood he didn’t flinch like he used to or wonder where it came from, but instead reached under the sink and tickled the pipes until a gurgling sound was heard and the blood was washed away by “clean” water.  He was in the middle of brushing his teeth when Carlos heard the first hiss.

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I am sick of boys trying to fix me

with their sloppy, wet mouths;

taking me home like a weekend project

all pursed lips and furrowed brows

when I don’t snap out of it with a kiss.

Approach me like I weave caution tape into my hair

and leave your healing hands at home.

I thought you were old enough to know better

than to stick your fingers into electrical sockets.

I will greet you with a mouth full of barbed wire

until you learn to stop coming after me

with your hands.


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— Emily Dickinson

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An inside joke regarding Ke$ha mash-ups. Turns out it this time it kind of works?

Poor Sburban Jungle

[S] Ke$ha: Enter