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Can I just give a little shoutout to KidsHealth and for being a great resource? I used to go on these sites a lot as a tween when I had questions, but never really thought about it much as a got older. I recently stumbled upon it again, and for nostalgia’s sake reread the articles. And… wow!

There’s some content in here I wasn’t expecting from most adolescent education sites. For instance, their sexuality article also includes asexuality, which is great! They have an article on having a healthy teen pregnancy, and preach the idea that “no one can tell you what to do with your body except for you”, an important message for not just teens, but everyone, to know.

They also have an article on trans* people which dispels rumors such as “are trans* people gay?” and includes the difference between cross dressing and being trans*.

There is still some heteronormative language and the like, but it’s a surprisingly up-to-date resource and a great jumping off point for education. It explains a lot of stuff sex ed brushes over in basic, easy to understand terms. Share it with a teen in your life! I know I’ve benefitted from reading it in my adolescence.

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