Oh my god that episode

That episode with the “Previously…” and the fade to blacks and the Stayin Alive and the Moriarty and the femdom and the the H/C fics coming to life and the cinematography and The Woman and Mrs. Hudson being a BAMF and Molly standing up for herself and Sherlock not being a total asshole to her for once and Sherlock having grief and the boomerang and the no pants and the chilling plane full of corpses and the raspberry and John’s cute new girlfriend… well, ex girlfriend and the Mycroft character depth and the women characters getting a bigger role and being so awesome, and the acting and development, and the priest strip biting and the break in and The Speckled Blonde and that flashback bit where the cases actually meant something, and the shivers that went up my spine at that part, and the deerstalker and John’s blog and the number of hits and the Sherlocked and the Irene being a kinky lesbian intelligent dom and an amazing one at that, and the lighting and the deductions and the snowy Christmas at 221B, and the Lestrade/Molly tease and Molly’s awesome dress and the Periodic Table in Sherlock’s room and the periodic table, and the spinning when Sherlock was disoriented, and the smoking scene in the morgue and the Mycroft and Sherlock interactions and the Moriarty texting and the little white words that appear on the screen, and the sound effect for when Sherlock gets a text from Irene and the fast way he talks when he deduced the code holy jesus man do you even have lungs and John’s Christmas sweater and Irene wearing the coat and Lestrade filming Sherlock while he was drugged and the fact that Mycroft, Mrs. Hudson and John have an almost support system going on, and Una Stubbs delivering some fantastic acting and all the little one liners and the Bee Gees and the punching in the face and the fake crying and the shot of Irene putting on makeup because the coloring there was beautiful and them touching on Sherlock’s sexuality and John’s middle name and the everything and Moffat and Gatiss let me hug you both because that was more than fantastic and beautiful, intruiging, intelligent, sexy, brilliant, creepy, cold, funny and damn good TV that was well worth the wait.

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