I would like to take this opportunity to point out one thing.  This is an example of a male-targeted, vaguely ‘sexist’ commercial campaign that is genuinely funny, and clever enough for women to “get the joke”.  These commercials, despite claiming Old Spice was a product for “men” and not ladies, were met with mutual appreciation from men and women, because it is:

A: Not stupid or flat in its humor or message

B: Not degrading to women

C: Genuinely funny

On top of that, these commercials featured a man that was trying to, above all else, make women happy.  He wasn’t trying to be a man because “ew being girly is dumb lol,” he was trying to be a man because “oh ladies I would love to impress you.”  And even though both of those messages are somewhat traditional ways of viewing and reinforcing gender standards and expectations, that fine line between them makes a world of difference.  Many of these pro-men campaigns are too insulting, or too small-minded, or simply not clever enough to make us “get the joke”.  But this campaign has humor that appeals to both men and women at the same time, by neither degrading nor bashing either of them.  Men can want to be like this man, and woman get to appreciate a man that is like this man. But at the same time, this campaign is too light-hearted and whimsical to hurt anyone’s feelings, so you can easily take it for the hilarious joke it is.

This campaign is not only funny, it’s clever, highly creative, intentionally over the top, and entertaining.  Everything that Dr. Pepper’s agonizing “Why don’t women get the joke about our manly soda?” campaign is not.

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